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Open this blog post to see: 1)a great video of a little boy’s reaction to have just learned how to ride a bike, 2)information about 2 easy contests you can enter to win Natril Gear pannies, and 3)a quick survey to take that’s SUPER IMPORTANT, because it will help us determine the name of our product and our company tagline!

You’ve gotta check out this video!  It’s a little boy’s reaction to having just learned how to ride his bike.

I’m pretty sure this is what he said: “Everybody, I know you can believe in yourself.  If you believe in yourself, you will know how to ride a bike.  If you don’t, you just keep practicing.  You will get the hang of it. I know it. If you keep practicing, you will get the hang of it, and then you will get better and better at it if you do it.  Thumbs up everbody, for rock and roll!”

Wow – you go, little man! You have to wonder what this kid will be when he grows up….Presdient? Motivational speaker?  Partner of Natril Gear?  🙂

Speaking of Natril Gear, I’ve been busy learning that having a real company is SO MUCH MORE COMPLICATED than just doing something for fun. This “education” has come as a result of the contests we’re doing.  I’ll write more about my “education” in my next blog post, but for now here’s some info about the exciting ways YOU can get involved in helping to build our new company!  We have two fun, and easy-to-enter contests going on right now.  Winners will recieve 2 free Natril Gear panniers of their choice! The approximate value of each prize is $140.  Here’s some quick info (or click here to see all the rules):

  1. Facebook: Click here to go to Natril Gear’s Facebook page.  Then click “like”, and you’ll be entered to win!  Deadline to enter is 8/1/11 (at 11:59pm). We’ll pick one random Facebook winner on 8/2/11.
  2. Twitter: Click here to go to Natril Gear’s Twitter page.  Once there, click “follow” and then write “@NatrilGear” in one of your tweets, and you’ll be entered to win!  Deadline to enter is 8/1/11 (at 11:59pm).  We’ll pick one random Twitter winner on 8/2/11.
And we finally have the top-10 lists ready for you to vote on to help us decide 1)the new name for panniers, and 2)Natril Gear’s company tagline!  Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas to us – you’re all awesome!!  We got over 230 entries!  By voting for your favorite pannier name and tagline idea, you will help determine the top 3 in each category, and then we will choose the winners from among those 3!  (Voting runs now through July 29 (THIS Friday) at 11:59pm.)

Before you vote, here’s what we’re looking for in a pannier name and a company tagline:

Pannier Name:

  • Visit the “What’s A Pannier?” page on our website to learn more about panniers.
  • We’re looking for a name that helps someone know what a pannier is and how it’s used.
  • We’re looking for a name that’s creative and memorable.

Natril Gear Tagline:

  • We want our tagline to be in line with our mission statement.  Our mission statement is: It is our goal to improve and enliven our world by making great products, encouraging people to try new things, and helping others live their dreams!
  • We’re looking for a tagline that is short and memorable.
  • We want a tagline that is not specific to bicycling, because we’d like to expand Natril Gear to include non-bicycling products and services in the future.

Alright – I won’t keep you from the top 10 lists any longer!  Go vote!

Thanks for voting!  Will you also help us spread the word by passing on our survey link and encouraging others to vote too?  Here’s the link:  
Thank you – that’s a big help!!  (And don’t forget to enter our Twitter and Facebook contests, too!) 
I’ll post about my “education” tomorrow probably, so be on the lookout for a whole lot more insight into my story of starting a business.  🙂

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