Pannier Prototypes

Natril Gear’s pannier prototypes are ready for you to check out!  We have videos and pictures to help introduce you to our new panniers and their many options.  We also have a survey that we’d really appreciate if you filled out for us.  Come take a look!

Our prototypes are finally done!  Here they are, and I’m sooo happy!! 

We have created four different bags with a variety of features on each one.  Our goal for the next few weeks is to get our bags in front of as many people as we can so that we can gather as much feedback as POSSIBLE!  We’ll be gathering information in person through demonstrations and online through surveys.  Our online survey is included below in this blog post.  Everyone’s feedback will help us determine which features are included on the bags we ultimately sell. 

To really go for the gusto here, we need  your help!  Please help us by posting the following link on your Facebook or Twitter account, or by including it in an email:  The link will lead people to this blog post.  Thank you in advance!

In the survey below, there are pictures and videos that accompany the first seven questions.  The videos are made to compliment the pictures below and give a quick overview of the specific features in question on each bag.  Please watch the videos if you’d like more details about the bags before you answer the questions.  Also, each question has an “Other/Comment” box.  If you don’t want to leave a comment, that’s fine.  But if you do, we would love to hear what you have to say!  We are especially interested in any CRITICAL comments you have.  If there are things you do not like, new ideas you have, or features you think we can improve on in any way, PLEASE let us know.  

And now, without further ado…the survey!

Question 1: Do you prefer a handle or no handle?

Question 2: Is it important to you that the cinch top and the lining inside the bag match in color?

Question 3: Which nylon support option do you prefer?

Question 4: Which closure option do you prefer?

Question 5: Which option do you prefer to hold the backing in place?

Question 6: Which upper mounting system do you prefer?

Question 7: Do you prefer a 3-point mounting system or a 2-point mounting system?

Other Questions:

Personal Questions:

Thank you so much for looking at our bags and taking our survey!  Your feedback is so helpful to us, and your opinions mean a lot!  We’re trying to get as much feedback as possible.  If you’d like to help us, please past the following link on your Facebook or Twitter account or in an email:  That link will lead people to this blog post where they can also take the survey.  Thank you in advance!

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Thanks again!   🙂

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