Ahh! They’re done!

They're done, they're done!  THE PROTOTYPE BAGS ARE FINALLY DONE!!!!   Yay!

They're done, they're done!  THE PROTOTYPE BAGS ARE FINALLY DONE!!!!   Yay!

First of all, I want to give a huge shout out to my husband Nathan for all of his work!  He created the patterns, did most of the sewing, hand-cut many of the hardware pieces for the backing and mounting systems, invented several different clip systems for the front of the bags, and more!  His work has produced four great bags with many differing features for me to get feedback on.  Thank you, hubby!!  

I will post pictures and videos of the bags later this week so you can see them.  Also, I plan to post – what else – a survey!  It's time for me to gather absolutely as much feedback as I can about our panniers so we can make good choices about which features to include on our production bags.  After the survey is posted, I would really (REALLY) be appreciative if you would help spread the word to others so we can get lots of people to check out our bags and tell us what they think!

I want to say thanks to everyone for all of your comments and encouragement so far!  I am really looking forward to getting your feedback about our prototypes!  And, this might be weird, but what I'm most interested in hearing your criticisms.  I really want to know what we can/should do better – so when you're filling out the survey, please be brutally honest!  

Thanks again, and stay tuned for our next post!!

And now, I most definitely think a happy dance is what we need!  And who better to lead us in it than one of the hands-down, all-time BEST happy dancers: Mr. Carlton Banks!   😀

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