Experiment: Hobbies

I've decided to experiment with having a serious hobby while starting up Natril Gear – a weekly granola stand at the local farmer's market. If it goes well, I am hoping that it will help me to relax and unwind amid all the hubbub of Natril Gear.  We'll see!  

Ever since I had my big realization that it’s ok to take a break, Nathan and I have hardly been taking about the business, and we've worked on it even less.  We've still been busy with other stuff, just not  business stuff.  We haven't done much for Natril Gear for about five or six days, and it’s actually been quite refreshing!  Seriously, I feel like a Coke commercial right now…

Today, I plan to do a little work for Natril Gear (finish reading our Operating Agreement and let my lawyer know if I have any questions), but for most of the day, I’m plan on doing laundry, tidying up around the house, and baking my first batch of granola to sell at the farmer’s market.  

I’ve decided that my granola stand will be my little hobby.  It’s not a serious business venture or anything, just a fun interest of mine.  I like making granola, I love meeting people, and this is what I’ve decided I’d like to do for fun to help me unwind and relax amid all the hubbub of Natril Gear.

I am hoping that the granola stand will not turn into a “2nd job” or anything, but I guess we’ll see.  It'll be my experiment.  The farmer’s market I'm going to be at is the Historic West Main Street Farmer's Market.  It's open from 3-8pm every Friday from May through October.  Nathan’s mom is going to help me work my table, and she plans on selling some of her own homemade goodies too (apple pie filling, muffins, etc.)!  If you're in the area – you should stop by!

I’ll post pictures of my granola soon.  Today, I plan on enjoying the rest of my break time, because tomorrow is “back to work”!  Thanks to everyone who sent me a note to encourage me to take a break.  You all are very thoughtful, and it meant a lot.

Have a great day!

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