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Links – This is our first blog, chronicling our mundane and not so mundane adventures. – A great resource for cyclists, this site shows people willing to house those touring, offer use of their showers, or just meet for a meal. – We met Karin and Claus on the road to West Roosevelt, WA. They are from Germany and were getting ready to wrap up four months of touring the United States. This is their journal. – We met Charles at a truck stop in Troutdale, OR. He gave us some great information and told us about his bike touring which totals about 10,000 miles around the United States!



  =what we had at the end;
  =we recommend, mostly things we did not have;
  =we recommend against, mostly things we had;



Total Cost: $4,201
Average Daily Cost: $42
Grocery Total: $1,331
Restaurant Total: $1,255
Miscellaneous Total: $614
Lodging Total: $571
Gear Total: $306
Maintenance Total: $125

*Excludes Travel to Astoria, OR and from Raleigh, NC


Total Days: 100
Riding Days: 82
Rest Days: 18

Speed and Distance

Total Miles: 4,641
Average Daily Miles: 57
Average Riding Speed: 12
Maximum Daily Miles: 93.5
Maximum Average Speed: 15.3


Church: 25
Campground: 22
House/Home: 19
City Park: 11 Host: 11
Hotel: 8
Other: 4

Shelter Nights: 52
Tent Nights: 48


Total Meals Cooked: 235
Total Meals Eaten Out: 96
Average Cost of Cooked Meal: $5.66
Average Cost of Eating Out: $13.07


Juice (gal.): 23
Baby Wipes: 696
Cheese (lbs.): 13
Packs of Oatmeal: 219
Bananas: 160
Energy/Granola Bars: 118
Hot Dog Buns: 84
Bagels: 48
Yogurts: 43
Footlong Subs: 31
Lipton/Knorr Sides: 17
Jars of Peanut Butter: 9
Jars of Honey: 4


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