Nathan’s Fire Hydrant & April’s Mountain

I know pretty much NOTHING when it comes to starting or running a business.  As I’ve been learning just how much is involved in starting a business, I’ve begun to have a few “AAAHHHH” feelings as the mountain of work I have to do comes into focus more and more.

These past few weeks have been an exercise in emotional management and flexibility for both of us as we embark on very different, but very large tasks.  Nathan’s working on adjusting to the change in daily routine from cross-country bike trip to full-time desk job.  At work, he’s described learning about IT, a new field for him, as “drinking from a fire hydrant”.  

Fortunately for me, I’ve had the ability to take things at my own pace, so I’ve managed to avoid the fire-hydrant intensity of lifestyle change that Nathan’s currently experiencing.  However, I have my own challenge ahead, because I know just about NOTHING when it comes to starting or running a business.  As I’ve been learning what all is involved, I’ve begun to have a few “AAAHHHH” feelings of my own as the mountain of work I have to do comes into focus more and more.  Starting a business is an incredible task for one person.  (Granted Nathan will be helping me, but the split is like 90/10, so it’s mostly my mountain.)  Fortunately for Nathan and I, things like this don't usually deter me from plowing ahead anyway.  🙂

Part of the “mountain” is writing this blog, and I think the way I want to structure it is similar to how Nathan and I have structured our business partnership.  Nathan is the CEO and majority owner of our company, and I am the…uhh…”everything else” and lesser owner of the company.  Nathan is responsible for providing overall direction and strategy, and I am responsible for helping him develop and refine our direction and strategy and for getting just about everything done.  This is fine with us and makes the most sense right now because Nathan is working full-time.  

(Some of you may ask “Why is Nathan the CEO when he’s not really doing much for your business?  That doesn’t seem smart.”  Our plan has always been for Nathan to be CEO, because he is a very good leader and is better at overall strategy and direction than me.  I am a great “worker bee”, and I am very good at getting things done and better at keeping things organized than Nathan.  So, while it’s a challenge to keep our predetermined roles with Nathan working full-time, we want to do what it takes in the short-run so that we will be set up to play to our strengths in the long-run.  Another way to put it is, if any of you have ever read “Who Moved My Cheese?”, Nathan is “Sniff” and I’m “Scurry”.  It's a great book, if you haven't read it!)


To overcome the obvious challenge that we’re facing of Nathan having the all-important position of CEO but being minimally involved in our company at present, we have set up a weekly report that I go over with him every Friday.  It details what I’ve done for the week, what I’m planning to do next week, and where we are with major goals and projects.  This keeps him in the loop, allows him to do his job as CEO by setting goals and helping me prioritize, and provides me with focus and accountability.  Great!

I decided that my weekly CEO report to Nathan would make great fodder for my blog posts to you!  This way, I can be sure to document everything Nathan and I are doing to start up our business, and it will also hopefully help make this blog a great reference for those of you out there wanting to start your own business.  I’ll probably reference it sometimes too when I wonder, “When did I do that one thing…with the other thing…and the stuff…?!”.  🙂

As I write, if there is ever anything you’d like to know more about or that you want me to talk about specifically in terms of what I did, or how I found information, or how much something costs PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  

My next blog post will dive right in to what I’ve done the past few weeks.  Since it will be the first update, I’m going to be covering three weeks in one post.

Before I go though, I want to tell you what Nathan and I did last weekend.  It was our first weekend off (and by "off", I really only mean "kind-of off"…boo).  To celebrate having some down time, we had homemade, gooey, cheesy enchiladas, watched a new movie (Megamind!), ate some fantastic brownies and ice cream, and I even took a nap (a skill Nathan doesn’t have, poor guy).  It was wonderfully relaxing and refreshing in the middle of so much change.  

Here’s hoping this weekend turns out as nice (I'm about to go make strawberry shortcake – that should give things a push in the right direction)!

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