Home Sweet Home

I guess I can see something like this happening maybe years after the trip ends, but not DAYS after the trip ends.  It's so strange, and neither of us know what to make of it.

The saying goes, "There's no place like home," and I agree.  It's nice to be back.  It's nice to be done traveling.  And it's super nice to be able to enjoy lots of the little things we used to take for granted but really missed on our bike trip.  Things like couches, kitchens, and roofs – with the roof being one of the most noticeable to me.  To be able to get out of the wind and weather – that is just so great!

But something weird has happened too.  It started almost as soon as we finished the trip, and it only seems to be magnified now that we're back home.  It's like our memory has gone coo-coo, and we can't believe we did the trip.

Really.  It's like Nathan and I ACTUALLY can't believe we just did it.  When we think about the trip, it feels like it was all a dream or something.  Like it didn't really happen.  It's like we know the story, but it's someone else's story, not our own story.

I guess I can see something like this happening maybe years after the trip ends, but not DAYS after the trip ends.  It's so strange, and neither of us know what to make of it.

We told Nathan's parents about our feelings, hoping they wouldn't think we were too weird, and they totally surprised us when they said they knew EXACTLY what we were talking about!  My first reaction, "That's great!".  My second reaction, "Huh?  Really?!  This is normal?"

Nathan's parents served in the Peace Corps for two years right after they got married, and they said that when they finished their two years and came back home, they felt just like we did, like it had all been a dream and wasn't real.  They didn't know why they felt like that either though, they just remembered that it had happened to them too.

Anyone else ever feel like this after a big trip or event?

After mulling over our feelings and enjoying some hard earned veg-out time on Greg and Sarah's sha-mazing couches, it was time to get to work.  First on the list, unpacking and washing things!  As you can imagine, we have a bunch of stuff to unpack. Here's all of our stuff from the car (it just barely fit).  

And then there was the mail….whooo-ee, we had a lot of mail to go through.  And speaking of the mail…THIS is crazy.  Really, watch this video.  

Return address labels AND money!  I've never even heard of that!

But unpacking and the mail is only PART of what we've got to do.  In order to handle everything, Nathan and I have nearly lost ourselves in a pile of wild and untamable to-do lists (confirming that, yes, we did in fact take the trip!).

The lists are mostly my fault though.  I am a list person, and I say that if we're going to be 1)living with other people, 2)putting all of our stuff away in a timely manner, 3)finishing up our blog and all other things related to our bike trip before we start forgetting what happened, 4)looking for jobs/income, 5)starting a business, and 6)not losing our minds while we try to accomplish all of this, then we're going to need some order around here!  Can I get an 'a-men'?

Funny thing, our first to-do list had a lot of entries like this on it: "make to-do list for ____".  So it was a list to tell us what other lists need to be made!  Nathan, NOT a list person, was seriously not excited about it.  But me, I was loving it (not making him cringe, but the chance for to-do list heaven!).

The posting of this blog means that we're ALMOST DONE with all of our blog posts (a big item on our to-do list)!  Woot!  The allure of thinking about our business and our future made it tough to go back and finish writing all our posts.  So while we're really glad to be capturing all of our memories, we're also glad to be almost done with the documentation part of it.

And, speaking of completing the documentation of our trip, here is our last trip video (I can't believe it's the last one!).  This is our final trip footage, and on it we'll introduce you to our roommates, Greg and Sarah, and give a shout out to our last supporters: Mike and Shelly Kaufman!  Thanks so much for your prayers and your support during our trip, Mike and Shelly!

So, here we are, back home, lost in to-do lists, and dreaming about our future.  Speaking of our future…are you wondering what we're going to do next?  Stay tuned for our "What's Next" post!


P.S.  We are sending out some neat, custom postcards to celebrate our trip.  We made the design together, and I think it's pretty cool looking.  Check it out!

If you want one, or if you know someone else who might want one, PLEASE use our Contact page to let us know.  We have LOTS of them left and would be delighted to send them out.

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