A (Very) Brief History of (Nearly) Everything

Nathan and April Dress Up, Indiana

Hello. So you want to know a little more about who we are?  Hmm….if I were to actually try to tell you about us and all of our adventures, it would be pages upon pages and require lots of your favorite, warm reading beverage (like spiced Chai!). So instead, I’ll just give you a summary. Who knows, maybe a more detailed version will come later if we ever settle down and start writing some of the books we always talk about. 🙂

So, let’s see…April and I met in the summer of ‘04 at InterVarsity’s School of Leadership Training in “da UP” ("the upper peninsula” of Michigan, in case you didn’t know). During the month-long camp, we hiked, swam, sailed, explored, and laughed a lot. By the end, I thought we knew each other pretty well, and I thought there was potential for more.  April thought otherwise…

Boat Nathan Made

I spent the next six months pursuing April. This was complicated by the fact that she was going to college in Ohio, and I was going to college in Indiana. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, so I pushed on.  And to my delight, our friendship was growing.  Her feelings for me, however…were still not.

Things changed when April finally loosened her grip on her heart and allowed God to be the one in charge of her love story. Turns out that His version of the story included me after all! After a few more months filled with conversations, meeting family and friends, and April’s multi-page questionnaires (those were great…), I finally made “The A-List”, as we like to call it, and I got to go on my first date ever – after asking her to be my girlfriend…again 🙂

In the spring of 2005, we trekked back to “da UP”. I presented her with a miniature wooden sailboat I’d carved myself (it represents so much for us) and a ring, and I asked her to be mine forever. When I put the ring on her finger, she responded by handing it back, and, after pausing (for an eternity, as I recall), she said, “Oh ask me again!!” And so I did (and she said “yes”)…again.

Running Into Water at Wedding

We had a fun beach wedding on June 17, 2006. Our favorite part (after the “I do’s”, of course) was holding hands and running into the water in our wedding clothes! Then we were off to a little cabin in the mountains of New Mexico for our honeymoon where we hiked the two tallest peaks in the state (the second was by accident, but that’s another story), and met Santa Clause (yeah).

From then on, the adventures have just kept coming. My friends call it the “Reinhard Effect.” It seems nothing is quite normal when we’re around.  Living in Iowa, Texas, and Indiana, our married life has been full of bizarre journeys (like buying a Geo Metro convertible in Minnesota while in Ohio, then driving the little guy back through what would become the most epic flood our town in Iowa had ever seen), unusual happenings (like getting pulled over on suspicion of grand theft auto only to find out the city didn’t properly transfer our license plates), and general fun (like weekend 500+ mile road trips in a van with 5 people, 1 cat, and 3 dogs).

Mountain Top in NM

It is our goal to live life to the fullest with Christ as our foundation and centerpiece, to be interesting people who never stop learning and have a great love for life, to never be afraid to try new things, to always be good stewards of the earth and our resources, and to avoid collecting junk!  

Three of our major victories/accomplishments are:  

1) In the summer of  2009, we paid off the last of our debts and became DEBT FREE!! Yay! (You can read about our financial story here.)  

2) In the fall of 2010, we completed one our our dreams when we rode our bicycles across the country.  We went 4,641 miles in 100 days! (You can read a trip summary and our best and worst memories here.)

3) In the beginning of 2011, we're tackling another one of our dreams: starting our own business!  We are very excited to launch Natril Gear, a business making and selling outdoor equipment, with an initial focus on bicycle gear. (You can read about why we decided to start a business here and how we decided what to make/sell here.)

Some things we would love to do in the future are: ride motorcycles across the United States and around the coast of the Indian Ocean (Africa, Asia, Australia), kayak around Europe, have a sailboat, write books, and be speakers.

Whatever life holds in store, we’ve got God, each other, and an adventurous spirit! Like some of our favorite explorers say, “Adventure is out there!”, and we say, “Bring it on! Waa-hoo!”

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