Day 83 (11.6.10): Snow Day in Hazard

April wandered into the kitchen/living room a little after 9:00, feeling happy and refreshed. We were both glad we'd decided to make today a rest day, especially when I looked out and saw that it was snowing.


Start End Lodging Miles $$ Spent Weather
Hazard, KY Hazard, KY Church Guest House (Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Church) 0 $16 Hi:42, Overcast


As usually happens on our rest days, I was up before April. I had just started working on the blog a bit, when there was a knock at the guesthouse door. It was Brother Mike. He was just stopping by to give us some donuts, cookies, and milk and see how we were doing! I could get used to this!

April wandered into the kitchen/living room a little after 9:00, feeling happy and refreshed. We were both glad we'd decided to make today a rest day, especially when I looked out and saw that it was snowing.

The snow never stuck, and it didn't snow very long…but it still snowed! This was the first time it's snowed on us of the whole trip. Hopefully we don't run into serious snow anywhere. I'm not sure what we'd do if we did!

While April worked on postcards, I worked on the blog some more. We also watched some "reality" shows about flipping houses. Both of us think flipping houses would be pretty fun. From our experience with our house in Iowa, we know that we're good at seeing potential and enjoy doing the work. We just don't have the resources to get started. Especially considering that we promised each other that we wouldn't take out another loan. For anything. Ever.

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Later in the day, Father Mike came over, invited us to Mass, and dropped off a huge stack of maps and an Atlas. He had a different route in mind for us than our ACA TransAmerica Trail maps told us to take, so we looked at his maps and decided to give his route a try. On the TransAmerica Trail, we were supposed to head north for a bit, then turn south and cross into Virginia in a few days, and the whole thing looked pretty hilly on our elevation profile. His route went straight southeast. We'd go across Jenkin's Pass, which would be a really big climb, but he said the route was less hilly than the TransAmerica Trail, and we'd cross into Virginia tomorrow! Of course, we didn't have a handy elevation profile of his route like we did with the ACA route, so we'd have to take his word for it.

After the route discussion, I went to work on the bikes.  They needed their usual maintenance: checking the air pressure in the tires, oiling the chains, and adjusting the brakes. Plus we're both starting to have some trouble shifting so I fussed with our gears for a while, but didn't seem to be able to totally fix our problems this time. Maybe we'll come to a bike shop sometime in the next few days that will be able to help.

April did some laundry and started a bunch of videos uploading to YouTube. The washer and dryer are super fancy. The washer even has a see through top so you can see your clothes being cleaned! Father Mike and Pat told us the washer and dryer are brand new, and they've only been used once before.  Wow.

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April decided to go to mass, but I decided to stay back and just relax. While April was at mass, I tried to take some pictures of my tan lines. Unfortunately, none of pictures turned out very well. I think we may have waited too long. Now that it's cooler, we're wearing more clothing and in the sun less. It's kind of a bummer because our tan lines were pretty crazy!

We had all the ones you might expect – shorts, socks, shirt sleeves, neck – but we also had some more unusual ones that even took us by surprise: 1)we had tan lines around our wrists and on our fingers because of our cut-off-finger bike gloves, and 2)we had tan lines down the sides of our faces by our ears because of our bike helmet straps. And this is despite putting sunscreen on EVERY day, sometimes up to THREE times a day! AND we've always used between SPF30 and SPF50. Now they're fading and we didn't get a good picture. Bummer!

When April returned, she said Mass had been really cool. Father Mike had asked her to stand up and share a bit about our trip, and the whole church had prayed for us. After the service a bunch of the people came over to talk to her about the trip, and of course she was more than happy to share!

Later that afternoon, Father Mike came by to say that he was leaving for the church over the mountain, and that everyone else would also be leaving for the evening: Brother Mike was headed out of town on a trip, and Brother Ed and Pat had a funeral to attend. Then he gave us $40, some information about what restaurants were around, and the contact info for a church in Jenkins, about 40 miles up the route we'd be taking tomorrow! Wow, this Catholic church is unbelievable!

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Brother Ed and Pat stopped by on their way out as well. It was nice to see them and talk some more. Afterward, April and I decided to walk down to the local Subway for dinner. On our way back, we picked up some things for breakfast. Then it was more relaxing and blogging before bed. It was a great rest day!

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Tomorrow, we'll leave Kentucky and enter Virginia, a state that actually borders the Atlantic Ocean! It's crazy to think about how far we've come, just the two of us and our bicycles! But now it's off to sleep, in a nice, cozy bed! Rest days always go by too fast.

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