Day 80 (11.3.10): Bowling in Berea

Feeling like we'd worked a bit, it was clearly time to eat. Again. So we headed for the local CiCi's pizza buffet. Amanda was amazed that the rest of us were ready to eat again, let alone a buffet. By the time we were done at CiCi's, they probably didn't make any profit for the rest of the week! Hahaha!


Start End Lodging Miles $$ Spent WeatherBerea
Berea, KY Berea, KY Camp (Walnut Meadow Campground) 0 $65 Lo:43 Hi:55, Rain


In the movies, there is a beautiful sunrise, the rooster crows once, and a glorious day begins. In Berea, KY, the rooster at our campground started crowing at about 4:00 am and didn't ever really quit. Plus, it wasn't a glorious morning, it was dark and cold and raining.

But today was the day that Evan, April's brother, and Amanda, Evan's girlfriend, were going to visit, so it was going to take more than a broken rooster and a little rain to dampen our spirits! Finally, at about 7:00am a car parked with it's headlights right on the tent. Then a voice said, "I don't know if they're up yet, let's go see." They had arrived!

It didn't take April long to get moving and get out of the tent after that. Of course, as soon as they saw each other, they had to go through their sibling routine. Evan picked April up and they gave each other a big bear hug. Then April reminded Evan that she was his big sister and Evan replied that he had been bigger than her for quite some time now. Eventually, some play fighting broke out and April ended up being slung across Evan's back in a dead-man's carry. Typical April and Evan greeting.

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Once this ritual was out of the way and everyone had said hello to everyone else, we piled in Amanda's car and headed to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We were all feeling pretty hungry and by the time all our food had arrived, there were eight large plates of food filling our table.

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While April was preparing her apple strussel french toast, she managed to get it too close to the edge and dump the whole thing in her lap. Fortunately, she was able to save most of it. Unfortunately, her one pair of non-bike clothes was now apple cinnamon flavored.

After breakfast, we made a quick run over to Wal-Mart to try and get some chigger medicine for April. She had 27 bites now! The interesting thing about chiggers is that they typically like tight areas of clothing, like waistbands. But because we were wearing all spandex most of the time, she had them spread all over!

Medication in hand, we left Wal-Mart and determined it was time to get some ice cream! Never mind that we had just eaten a huge breakfast and it wasn't even 10am yet! Soon a Dairy Queen was located on the GPS and we were on our way.

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Evan, being home on leave from Afghanistan, had a high calorie diet similar to ours. But Amanda was on a normal calorie intake, making her the odd one out in our group. She was a good sport and went along with the rest of us and our obsession with eating

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While we ate our blizzards, Evan filled us in on his last several months in Afghanistan and showed us some pictures he'd taken over there. It was really interesting to get some first hand stories of what's going on.

Then it was back to camp to take a nap. Evan and Amanda had started for Kentucky at about 1:30 am that morning, so they were beat. April is always ready to take a nap. And I had nothing better to do since it was still raining.

After a few hours of recharging our batteries, it was still raining. So we decided to go bowling.

Of course, in the middle of a weekday, we had the whole place to ourselves. After a quick game at the arcade, we headed over to the lanes to bowl! They had a deal where it was all-you-could-bowl for an hour, so that's what we got. It didn't take long to discover that Wii bowling had ruined us all. In fact, we were so bad that none of us even broke 100! But we did have a lot of fun.

Feeling like we'd worked a bit, it was clearly time to eat. Again. So we headed for the local CiCi's pizza buffet. Amanda was amazed that the rest of us were ready to eat again, let alone a buffet. By the time we were done at CiCi's, they probably didn't make any profit for the rest of the week! Hahaha!

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Before heading back to camp, we went by a Kroger to try for some better chigger medicine (the stuff from Wal-Mart proved to be useless). Kroger didn't have any ChiggerRid, but the pharmacist told us to just use clear finger nail polish instead.

Meanwhile, Evan had found a giant stuffed dog he wanted to give Amanda (who had stayed in the car). After hunting for a bit for the best giant stuffed dog, we found the one that sat just right and had the perfect amount of stuffing.

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Prize in tow, we headed back out into the rain to find where Amanda had parked. We located the car and gave her her surprise. Needless to say, she was surprised. Then it was back to camp and all too soon it was time to say goodbye.

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Here's some video of the non-bowling parts of our day with Evan and Amanda.  So fun!

After Evan and Amanda left, we headed down to the laundry room to wash April's breakfast out of her clothes (and do some other laundry), take showers, and sit in a nice dry shelter while we worked on the blog. Yep. It was still raining.

While we were waiting for our clothes to dry a cat joined us in the laundry room. It jumped right up on April's lap and started to make itself at home, but it smelled pretty bad so she made it get off. The cat was stubborn though and kept trying to get up on our laps and generally begged for attention.

Finally our laundry was done and we prepared to go back to our soggy campsite. Our kitty friend thought that tying my shoes really meant I wanted to play. April thought this was funny and kept telling me to raise my leg higher, because it made the cat jump higher to get my shoelaces.  While I tried to avoid getting clawed, April supportively took pictures…

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Then he tried to follow us back to our tent. We decided to take another loop of the lot despite the light sprinkle because we didn't really want the cat to follow us onto our site and know where we were (Last time a cat knew where we were camping, it marked – aka: peed on – our tent!).  Eventually the cat lost interest in us and left, and we made a beeline for tent. Hopefully tomorrow is a brighter, sunnier day. Despite the rain we had a fantastic day with Evan and Amanda, and we're ready for whatever tomorrow might bring.

Thanks for reading! Sweet dreams!  (We're still the only tent in the campground!)

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