Day 79 (11.2.10): Welcome to Texas!

One of the things we've noticed is that we can tell how hard of a day we're having by how few pictures we take. We normally take around 20. Today we took a total of six…


Start End Lodging Miles $$ Spent Weather
Bardstown, KY Berea, KY Camp (Walnut Meadow Campground) 74.4 $67 Lo:42 Hi:63, Sunny, Headwind


Another day, another chilly morning. It must be November or something!

We didn't even bother changing into our biking clothes. We just packed up quickly and headed the mile or so back into town to the Subway for breakfast. The plan was to eat a big breakfast so that we would be able to make it further before we needed to stop and eat again.

After we each downed our footlong breakfast and changed in the nice, warm, Subway restroom, we headed across the street to visit My Old Kentucky Home. This was supposedly the inspiration for the state song, so we thought we should check it out.

I had been here once before, on a road trip during college, but April had never seen it. Perhaps the biggest surprise was the large Santa in the lobby of the visitor center. Yep, that's right. It's barely November and the Christmas decorations were already appearing! Whoa!

Image Coming Soon!

When we got back to the house, they were decorating that for Christmas too! It was gorgeous, but the leaves hadn't even fallen off the trees yet! That's just not right…

Image Coming Soon!

We didn't actually go in, because that cost money and we didn't feel like we had enough time to spend to get our money's worth, so we returned to our bikes and headed toward Berea.

On the way out of town, we came across a Wal-Mart, so we stopped to buy the usual supplies. Plus, April had noticed that my taillight had broken off somewhere and we were down to our last set of batteries for our camera. By the time I had checked on everything that we needed, it was a much longer stop than we'd hoped. Not a good start!

From then on it was pretty much head down and pedal hard. We didn't use our regular break schedule, stopping instead only when one of us requested a butt break. The hills and slight headwind didn't really help much either.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, about halfway to Danville, we came across a sign that said "Welcome to Texas". Hahaha!

Image Coming Soon!

Shortly after that, we came to Perryville, which, in addition to being the home of Montgomery Gentry's Eddie Montgomery, was our last picture of the day. One of the things we've noticed is that we can tell how hard of a day we're having by how few pictures we take. Today we took a total of six pictures…and three of them were from My Old Kentucky Home and the other three were before lunch! (We usually take closer to 20 and they're a bit more spread out.) Perry is also the last name on April's mom's side of the family.

Image Coming Soon!

About 45 miles into our 75 mile day, we reached Danville, our lunch stop. We quickly ate our McValue menu selections and got back on the bikes. Danville also had a bike store. We stopped because I still needed a new tail light (the selection at Wal-Mart had been lacking).

The bike shop, Danville Bike and Fitness, was great little store. The owner had been cross country a few times. One trip had been with one of his sons on a tandem! They had done a small section each summer over the span of six years. It was a great story. Wishing we could have talked longer, we bought a taillight and one set of brake pads and hit the road again.

According to the guy in the bike shop, we had 35 miles to go through mild rolling hills. So once again it was head down and pedal hard! If we had to do this all the time, the trip would be significantly less enjoyable.

Finally, after pushing all day long, we made it to Berea. And before dark no less! We pulled over at what we thought was a gas station to ask where the campground was and realized two things: 1) this was no longer a gas station, it was some weird antique mall that still said "Shell" on the outside, and 2) the campground was right behind the "Shell" station.

The campground manager was super friendly and gave us a special rate because we were on bikes. Of course, we were the only tent, but that's pretty normal now.

In addition to getting dark really early, it's starting to get cold really fast once the sun goes down! After dinner, we got ready for bed and huddled in the tent until bed time.

April went to call Evan and let him know where we were and realized her phone was missing! Uh-oh! So we gave her phone a call using my phone and found it lying in the grass. Phew!

Now it's time for bed. Tomorrow morning Evan and Amanda will be arriving bright and early! Hopefully the prediction of rain all day is wrong! Sweet dreams!

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