Day 13 (8.28.10): Goat Cheese And Meatballs

The weather was perfect: overcast and slightly cool. The road wound around and through the hilly farmland, never allowing us more than a glimpse of where we were headed and almost making us wonder if we'd taken a wrong turn somewhere…


Start End Lodging Miles $$ Spent Weather
Walla Walla, WA Pomeroy, WA Camp, Pomeroy City Park 70.1 $28 Cool, Overcast


Feeling refreshed from our rest day, we packed up our stuff and prepared to go. June had made a delicious breakfast of scrambled tofu in a ginger-garlic-soy sauce and we were happy to help eat it!

After breakfast, we took some pictures, said our good-byes, and pedaled off into the unknown of our new week.

The weather was perfect: overcast and slightly cool. The road wound around and through the hilly farmland, never allowing us more than a glimpse of where we were headed and almost making us wonder if we'd taken a wrong turn somewhere. It was amazing to ride through!

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The first town we came to was historic Waitsburg, WA. We decided to stop there, get our supplies for the rest of the day (and breakfast tomorrow), and eat our lunch. At the grocery store, we met some cyclists who were out for a "quick" 115 mile morning ride…their third of the week. Of course they were on super light road bikes, with no luggage, but that's still quite a ride!

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A few miles up the road we came to historic Dayton, WA (are you noticing a trend here?). Since we had just stopped in historic Waitsburg, we planned to just bike through. Until April saw the bake-sale/car-wash fundraiser. Ever on a quest to enjoy our high calorie intake, we decided to stop. For fun, April told the slightly confused cashier that she wanted a car-wash. 🙂

As we picked out our cookies, April explained our trip. All the adults were very interested, and when they found out we were headed for Pomeroy that night, three of them got out their cell phones and began calling around to find us a place to stay! A park with restrooms (and running water!) was soon located. They insisted that we take the cookies and an additional bag of brownies as a gift!! Thanks guys! Everything was delicious!

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Just east of Dayton, we took a small side trip to visit a site where Lewis and Clark were known to have camped. The site was 2.5 miles off the route, adding 5 miles to our day. We must be in better shape, this is the first we've voluntarily added mileage to our day!

When we got to the site, we could see silhouettes that had been set up all over a field to resemble what the camp probably looked like. Another couple was there, and soon April was telling them our story as well. (It seems our bright bags and loaded bikes pique people's curiosity for some reason).

As they got in their car and started to pull out, they stopped and the lady got back out and gave us a small round of cheese. She explained that they had gotten it just down the road at a local fromagerie (place that makes cheese). This fromagerie raises their own sheep and goats to provide the milk they use in their cheeses. The particular cheese she gave us was goat cheese, wrapped in grape leaf ash with a touch of edible gold!

We thanked them and, after a quick snack of still-warm brownies (April took the whole bag and wouldn't share at first!), we hit the road again.  We were very excited to find this stretch of road along the way:

The next town we came to was historic Pomeroy, where we planned to spend the night. After a quick stop at the grocery store to get some dinner supplies (and of course crackers for our cheese!), we located the park…69.5 miles for the day! So close to 70, but not quite. So we biked around the block again just to be able to claim 70 miles (and our biggest day yet!!)! Now that's dedication.  We even made a video to document our accomplishment and the fun park we found to spend the night in!

The park was very nice with lots of those great toys that you don't see anymore (thanks to the fear of lawsuits I imagine): big slides, a merry-go-round, and a large dome-shaped jungle gym. There were also a few swing sets, some tennis courts, and couple bench-like swings for the older crowd. April was instantly full of energy again and wanted to play on all of it.

We decided to set up our tent under the pavilion for the night because we had heard there was a chance of rain later. After making a quick video, we cooked our dinner: meatballs in garlic and onion sauce with fresh green pepper pieces. While it was cooking we ate our cheese. It was yummy! Kind of a sweet and tangy cheese, with lots of flavor but not too strong.

April thinks maybe our butts are finally getting used to riding and won't be so sore anymore…here's hoping she's right!

After a quick baby-wipe shower and dinner, it will be off to bed. Thanks for keeping up on our adventures! Good-night!

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