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Do you want to be a part of The Wild Blue Yonder Tour, but don't have a bike, don't want to ride, or don't want to experience the joy of taking a baby-wipe-shower before bed? Here are some sweat-free ways you can get involved!

*All sponsors will receive awesome video-blog and written-blog shout outs, your name on our Supporters page, and a picture of us on our trip holding a "Hello (your name)!" sign posted on!  Fun photo requests accepted 🙂



Armchair Adventurer

When it comes to adventures, you're in agreement that it's the journey, not the destination that's important.  That's why you watch Survivor every week instead of only tuning in to the finale.  Duh.  Sweat, outdoors, and exercise aren't really your thing.  So while you probably wouldn't pay $5 to participate in the fossil-hunt at the local river bed, you'd totally pay $5 for 3 months of adventure in your favorite style: armchair.   So go pop some popcorn and tune into, and we'll have an adventure together.  Go team!



Fair-Weather Adventurer

If it's 75 and sunny, you're out on the trail!  Be it team sports or individual exercise, every once in a while you like to get outside and breathe in that fresh air.  You're not a marathon runner, but there was that time a while back when you ran a 5k or two.  You're a team player, and that's exactly why you're interested in donating $10 to The Wild Blue Yonder Tour.  And hey, maybe when we get back, we can take a bike ride together…on a nice day, of course 🙂



Baby-Wipe Shower Adventurer

You're hardcore! If you were with us, you would ride 60 miles before sunrise just as a warm-up, and THEN cook our breakfast!! But alas, your boss/spouse/kids/dog won't let you leave, so instead you must live vicariously through us. For $20 you can let the world know that you are, in fact, a baby-wipe shower adventurer. So even though you''d rather be on the trail with us, don't worry, we can still all take baby wipe showers before bed!



Blaze Your Own Trail

None of those options quite what you're looking for? Choose your own adventure!



Site Advertising

Are you a business that would like to advertise on our site or become a trip sponsor? Contact us:

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What Things Cost

Wonder what your donation might help pay for or just curious how much things cost? Here are some examples of our regular, occasional, and one-time (we hope!) expenses:

NOTE: Many of the items we buy on the road cost more because we don't have the ability to find the best deal, we're kind of stuck with what's available. Plus we can't buy ahead of time or in bulk because we can't carry the extra stuff.

Regular Expenses

Homemade Meal for Two: $3-$7
A Nice, Hot Cup Of Coffee: $2-$5
Cheap Restaurant Meal for Two: $10-$15
Nice Restaurant Meal for Two: $20-$30 
One Night At A Campground: $5-$15
One Night In A Hotel: $50-$100

Occasional Expenses

Sunblock: $5-$10
Fuel For Stove: $10-$15
Bug Spray: $5-$7

One-time Expenses

One Helmet: $20-$30
Inner-tube: $5-$10
Touring Tire: $50
Handle-Bar Tape: $15-$20
Bike Chain: $15
Bike Shop Repair: $20-??

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