The Nathan & April Adventure

The journey *is* the adventure!

Day 90 (11.13.10): A “hellacious” ride and the Cookie Lady

Nathan and I got up and went to the porta potty behind Gerties, and my butt almost froze to the seat!  That wasn't the best way to start my day today…especially considering how much I was already not looking forward to it.  Today, if you forgot, we are going to be climbing up Mount Vesuvius and riding the Blue Ridge Parkway.  This part of the trail has been laughed at, called "hellacious", and was said to be the hardest part of the entire TransAmerica Trail.  This is also the only mountain we've ever heard people say they would rather go UP than down because it's so steep.  For a girl who's already tired of mountains and hills, this makes me grumpy just THINKING about it.  The only thing I was looking forward to was our warm breakfast at Gertie's and the end of the day at the Cookie Lady's house.