The Nathan & April Adventure

The journey *is* the adventure!

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Day 78 (11.1.10): My Old Kentucky Home

The bathrooms were in the RV section of the campground, and we also quickly realized that, while the tent sites were totally buried in leaves, the RV sites were pristine and totally leaf free. In fact, judging by the wall of leaves that divided the two, it appeared that they dumped the leaves from the RV sites into the tent sites. But then again, you'd have to be crazy to tent camp in Kentucky in November, right?

Day 76 (10.30.10): Exploring Mammoth Cave

After the tour, it was time for – what else – more food!  We went to a picnic table in the park, and Nathan's parents unpacked snack-topia from their trunk!  Nathan's mom made an apple pie, and we also had M&M's, granola bars, crackers, drinks, and a bunch of other stuff.  At one point, Nathan's mom put some M&M's in her nose, and I stuffed an entire granola bar in my mouth.  (See where I get it from?)

Day 74 (10.28.10): Living like no one else

Nathan and I both got real quiet, and these huge smiles spread across our faces as we turned into the plaza where Dave Ramsey's headquarters is located. This was definitely a big moment, and it reminded us again of all the work we had done to pay off our debts, and how exciting it was to have a wide-open future, full of opportunity and mystery and adventure.  As Dave puts it, we lived like no one else so that now we can live like no one else.  It felt great to have arrived.

Day 73 (10.27.10): Made it to Nashville!

We woke up in our big, soft, cozy bed over in Lawson and Beth's carriage house, smiled, yawned, and said, "Ew..what's that smell?".

And then we realized…it was our shoes.  They were soaked with rain, so we had turned them upside down and set them over the heater vents on the floor to dry out last night.  What we hadn't thought of was that now every time the heater came on, it would first blow up into our wet, nasty, sweaty, years-old shoes that we've biked who-knows-how-many thousands of miles in, and THEN it would blow out into the carriage house!  Ew! After an entire night with the heater on, the place smelled pretty rank.