The Nathan & April Adventure

The journey *is* the adventure!

Day 88 (11.11.10): 4,000 miles

Who knows, maybe I'm just in a bad mood because I'm starting to have more thoughts of home than I am of the route, but this was REALLY tough.  Why did the Adventure Cycling Association choose such difficult roads?  I mean, these roads would be difficult in a CAR!  Was the route planned as a super-duper weight-loss program, or a Navy Seals training course or something? 

My legs were tired, and my mind was tired, and we just kept turning corners and finding more hills to climb.  I decided that if the route was this hard BEFORE the Blue Ridge Parkway section, then I didn't think I could handle it, so I devised a great plan in my mind, then I pulled up to Nathan and told him I had something to tell him.

Day 87 (11.10.10): Road 666

We were enjoying the views and tolerating the hills well enough, but we were getting close to the tipping point on our hill-o-meter and had almost had enough.  There was hardly ever a flat stretch, and the hills kept coming, and coming, and coming.  We were both pretty tired and getting crabby when we turned onto a road called "666".  We found the name ENTIRELY appropriate!

Day 86 (11.9.10): Big news from Evan!

Back at the park, we were setting up the tent when my phone rang.  It was my brother, Evan!!  He's in Florida with his girlfriend, Amanda.  He's on 2-week leave from the Army currently (he's fighting in Afghanistan).  He called to say that he proposed to Amanda, and she said "Yes"!!!!  My romantic little brother said he had champaign, roses, and chocolate covered strawberries – oh la laaa!  He gave her a honker of a ring too.  He had it specially designed by the jeweler, and it is beautiful!  CONGRATS, EVAN!!  I LOVE YOU!!!  WELCOME TO THE FAMILY, AMANDA!!

Day 85 (11.8.10): God is good

It turns out today is just another example of how God has been constantly looking out for us on this trip.  When we walked into the heated church and found a full kitchen stocked with food that said "Help Yourself", I just couldn't help but be in disbelief at how drastically everything had changed, and now here we were, with more than we would have even asked for, totally taken care of.  It just makes you stop…and think…and give thanks. 

Day 84 (11.7.10): Hangups, Diarrhea, and Sasquatch

We made it to Clintwood and went into a McDonalds just as the sun was setting.  Nathan was in a pretty bad mood at this point, so he got some french fries and sat quietly at a table while I used the computer.  We found a church that had Sunday evening services, so we decided to go there and ask for a place to stay.  We headed back out to the parking lot and noticed that it was now completely dark outside.  I cringed as I looked over at Nathan while we prepared to ride to the church in the dark (one of our least favorite things).  If the french fries helped his mood at all, I couldn't tell.